3M 8122 Mask

3M 8122 Mask Wholesale

3M 8122 mask (face respirator) is sold worldwide. An inexpensive means of protection and prevention of COVID-19 and respiratory diseases with a protection class of FFP2 is used in countries with a difficult epidemiological situation – Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, the United States, Bangladesh, India, China, European Union countries – Germany, France, Italy, Spain etc. Initially used as a construction respirator and not a medical device.

Price: available upon request

You can buy 3M 8122 mask wholesale, minimum order is 10,000 pieces



Protection: FFP2 NR D (up to 12 MAC)
Inner layer: hypoallergenic material
Filter: electrostatic
Exhalation valve: yes
Operating conditions: from -30 C to +70 C, high humidity We recommend ordering goods in packages.
Package Quantity: 10
Size: standard
Service life: 1-5 shifts.

Medical Supply – Goods DDP

3M N95 1860 Mask

3M 8122 mask anti-aerosol molded mask FFP2 (3M) provides comfortable, effective and easy protection of respiratory organs from aerosols and dust. The 3M TM Cool Flow TM Exhalation Valve greatly facilitates breathing by preventing the accumulation of moisture and heat under the respirator during physical hard work and at elevated temperatures. Hypoallergenic inner layer. Convenient cup-shaped respirator mounted on elastic bands. Nose clip and nasal foam seal provide convenience for people of different types. If breathing is difficult due to the dustiness of the filter element, the respirator must be replaced. The use of respirators reduces the risk of occupational diseases by 90 – 95%.

Application area:
It is used in refractory materials and brick production, in iron and steel production, repair / shipbuilding, pharmaceutical production, woodworking, in food production, furniture production, chemical production, agricultural chemistry, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, in the tobacco, foundry, oil and gas, food industries , rubber manufacturing, agriculture, agricultural chemistry, working with powdered chemicals.