3m n95 1860 mask wholesale

3M N95 1860 Mask Wholesale

3M N95 1860 Mask Wholesale for the prevention and control of COVID-19. Worldwide sales and DDP delivery to the door. We are a direct supplier and do sales management of medical products and protective equipment – as well as to countries: United States, India (भारत), Philippines (Pilipinas), United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, China (香港), Germany (Deutschland) and all countries European Union

Price 3M 1860 N95 masks $2.09 / €1.83 (CIF) of 3M with the commission. This price is for the hospital or government.
Otherwise $2.53 / €2.22.

You can buy 3M N95 Mask 1860 wholesale, minimum order is 10,000 pieces

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1860 3M Mask – N95 NIOSH Standard
FDA approved for use as a surgical mask
BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency ) > 99%
Protection class: FFP2
Made in USA
100% Quality assurance

Medical Supply – Goods DDP

Respirators/ Box 20
Boxes/Case 6
Each/Case 120

3M N95 1860 Mask

Protective medical mask (respirator) 3M N95 1860 mask is used for respiratory protection of professional medical personnel and for protection against pathogenic microbial particles (such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, anthrax, etc.)
Multilayer filter construction protection
Comfortable and breathable
Good protective effect
Good breathability
Aluminum adjustable nose clip
Elastic mount
Soft liner

Surgical Respiratory Mask N95 approved.
Conforms to CDC guidelines for the control of mycobacterial tuberculosis.
FDA certified for use as a surgical mask.
99% BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) in accordance with ASTM F2101, which complies with European FFP3 protection standards.
Resistance to liquids according to ASTM F1862.

This medical respirator is designed to protect the respiratory system. It complies with CDC guidelines for controlling the effects of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. As a disposable respirator, it is designed to reduce the impact on the carrier of certain air particles, including those that arise during electrocoagulation, laser surgery and other powerful medical instruments.


operating rooms, clinics,
Tb room
patient care
childbirth and childbirth
infection control methods,
emergency or pandemic preparedness planning, etc.