Air freight. Air cargo Boeing 747, An-124, Il-76

Air freight and charter rent Boeing 747, An-124, IL-76

Air freight is carried out by the company that owns the fleet of Boeing 747, An-124 Ruslan, IL-76 aircraft. The low cost for air cargo transportation in the international market is ensured due to the direct contractual relationship between the customer and the owner of the aircraft.

Freight air carriages are carried out all over the world — Europe, Asia, Latin America of any cargo, including military cargo, weapons, including F2F air transportation.

The company owning the aircraft fleet of Boeing 747An-124 Ruslan, IL-76 aircraft carries out regular international air transportation of cargoes around the world — heavy, oversized.

The best low cost for air cargo transportation is provided by a direct contract between the customer of transportation and the owner of Boeing 747, An-124 Ruslan, IL-76 aircraft.

The air carrier guarantees the deadlines for fulfilling obligations, the safety of transportation and the best price on the service market

To get a detailed calculation of the cost of transportation or to charter a Boeing 747, An-124 Ruslan or Il-76 cargo plane directly from the owner for air cargo transportation, send a free-form request via the website or by e-mail. For any question of interest in a one-way or both-way charter flight, transit flights or rental under an ACMI charter agreement (aircraft, crew, maintenance, insurance, etc.), our specialists process your requests around the clock and provide calculations that will match yours. needs.

In your request, describe your need for air transportation in a way available to you. For a faster response on request, it is desirable that it contains the most accessible information about the nature of the cargo, overall characteristics, readiness, required dates of transportation, as well as all destinations.

Official technical specifications of organizations and enterprises in any language are also accepted for consideration.

Air transportation of military cargo and weapons

The owner company has all the permits for the transportation of military cargo.

To receive information on the air transportation of weapons and military cargo, send a request to the e-mail Experts provide you with personalized professional advice.

Air cargo Boeing 747

Boeing 747 has the ability to carry cargo weighing more than 100 tons, the maximum flight time is 13 hours. The B747-400 is ideal for long distance transport of large consignments in a variety of options. Equipped with both side and forward cargo hatches, this makes the aircraft extremely adaptable to different conditions.

The Boeing 747-400F is one of the most popular Boeing 747-400 series freighters, capable of carrying up to 128.5 tons of cargo. The aircraft was designed with a wide fuselage and a maximum fuel capacity of 216,846 liters, and the loading process became even more efficient with a spacious side door and the ability to load through the front (bow) door.

Main advantages:

Access to tanks on the main deck
Possibility of loading through the front (bow) door for oversized and heavy cargo, as well as for cargo with priority loading
The presence of insulated compartments with a temperature regime from 4 C to 29 C for the carriage of special temperature-sensitive cargo
Low carbon dioxide emissions

Air freight An-124

The sealed cargo compartment of the An-124 with a unique volume of 1050 m3 is a great advantage in air transportation of any heavy and oversized cargo. The list of frequently transported objects includes:

mining dump trucks and oversized equipment;
railway rolling stock, locomotives, etc .;
floating craft, ships and boats;
heavy construction equipment, cranes;
aircraft, helicopters, fuselages, components and large parts;
heavy tracked civil and military equipment;
missile complexes and systems;
space satellites;
equipment for the oil industry, etc.
The reliable landing gear withstands the landing of an aircraft with a payload on uneven surfaces, swampy terrain and packed snow.

The cockpit accommodates six people: two pilots, two navigators and two engineers. Behind the cockpit there is an equipped compartment for rest and accommodation of the crew and personnel — two wardrooms to recuperate in flight and on the ground. This allows you to comfortably perform complex tasks during long flights or work in hard-to-reach areas of deployment that are not equipped for living.

IL-76 air cargo transportation

The IL-76 is a medium-sized cargo aircraft in accordance with the ICAO Chapter 4 noise requirements, and is approved for operation worldwide with the ability to transport up to 50 tons of payload.

The IL-76 aircraft can do without most of the ground equipment required for a conventional civil aircraft. Due to the presence of a rear ramp, which allows loading wheeled and tracked vehicles, as well as on-board equipment with rollover and roll-out, the aircraft allows loading and unloading heavy loads without assistance.

Due to its ability to take off and land on unpaved runways, the IL-76 aircraft is indispensable for air delivery of goods to hard-to-reach undeveloped areas. Its peculiarity is the internal lebe system.