3 layer medical face masks wholesale

3-layer medical face mask for sale

3-layer medical mask with a bactericidal layer are always available for wholesale in the finished goods warehouse in the amount of 30,000,000 pieces. Medical face mask are packaged and ready for shipment to customers.

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The bactericidal layer of the mask prevents the penetration of bacteria by 95-98%.

Medical mask wholesale to China, Turkey, Italy, USA, the United Kingdom, Russia and other countries. Transportation is organized by road and air. Complete customs clearance of the goods.

Medical mask wholesale

To wholesale medical face mask and get a price – send an application through the website or by e-mail.

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    Scheme of the delivery of three-layer masks from Europe.
    The supply contract is concluded with a Dutch company, which is contracted with a Czech factory for volumes. Shipment from the Czech Republic. European certificate.
    There is a partner transport company that can arrange air delivery.

    Coordination of terms of payment, delivery and delivery (if necessary)
    Contract signing
    Inspection if desired
    Advance payment (30% for shipments of up to 5 million units, for large – discussed)
    Preparing for Shipment
    Full payment before shipping

    For revolving shipments of medical masks, the advance payment remains on deposit.
    A letter of credit is not considered in this scheme.
    It is possible to pay in cash.

    For reference
    Masks of 3,000 pieces per box.
    Truck – 2.5 million units
    The nearest airport is Ostrava. Or another where you can.
    An-32 – 6 million pcs. (To Beijing / Shanghai ~ 60,000 Euro)
    Boeing 757 – 15 million pcs. (To Beijing / Shanghai ~ 200,000 Euro)
    Boeing 747 – 30 million. (To Beijing / Shanghai ~ 250,000 Euro)

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