Zinc 66 isotope

Zinc 66 isotope

The degree of purification of zinc 66 isotope: 99.999%
Documents: certificates, conclusions of laboratories, etc.
Packing: buckets of 25 kg
Minimum lot: 1 bucket (25 kg)
Availability: sufficient
Appointment: medicine, galvanizing, industry, etc.
Zinc 66 isotope price: $ 6000 / kg for export
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It is possible to buy zinc 66 isotope only officially by bank transfer, in our company. Send a formal request by e-mail info@rosrezervy.ru or a quick request from the site, our manager will contact you. We have all the necessary quality certificates, appraisal, as well as the ability to export products abroad.

About Zinc 66 Metal Isotope

Studying the properties of different elements, scientists discovered an interesting fact – One chemical element happens with atoms of different masses of the nucleus. The charge of the nucleus remains the same for all similar elements. These species were called isotopes. In the periodic system of elements, they fit into one cell.

Many people are interested in the question of how much is the zinc 66 isotope. An interesting fact is that some isotopes of chemical elements have a value greater than the element itself. Mostly stable, non-radioactive isotopes are appreciated. They are easier to keep and they are not so dangerous by radioactive radiation. The extraction of certain substances is difficult, therefore, the price of them is much higher than that of precious metals: gold, silver or platinum.
Among all the varieties of this metal, one of the most expensive zinc 66 isotope, the price of which is $ 3000 / g – maximum resale price on a dealer.
The cost will be more if you take in smaller batches.
With large wholesale, the price of zinc 66 isotope is reduced.
The value is the purity of the substance = 99.999%.
The less metallic impurities in it and the greater the percentage of zinc itself, the higher the price will be.
The substance is a gray-blue powder.
Scopes of zinc 66 (Zn-66):
in the chemical industry in the production of polymers;
rechargeable batteries;
for the extraction of precious metals.
Main advantage – application areas
Different chemical isotopes.
Elements are widely used in the following areas:
scientific research;
nuclear power;
chemistry, agrochemistry, physiology;
biology and medicine.